NDEW 2013 Presentations (by title)

Opening Session

Hernandez, Rigoberto:  Welcome & Opening Remarks
Watt, Shannon:  Recapitulation of Past Workshops

Focus Session #1: Organizational Structure, Behavior, & Dynamics

Fine, Eve:  Behavioral and Organizational Strategies for Minimizing the Influence of Unconscious Bias
Taylor, Valarie Jones:  Stereotype Threat and Underperformance: A Meta-Analytic Review of Causes, Consequences, & Remedies
(presentation embargoed, please contact us for access)
Plaut, Victoria:  The Psychology of Equity and Inclusion: Individual and Organizational Insights and Implications
        (presentation unavailable)

Focus Session #2: Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, & Promotion

Dorhout, Peter:  Building Communities of Scholars in the STEM Disciplines
Houston, Paul:  The ACS Presidential Commission on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Summary and Focus on Diversity Issues
Sekaquaptewa, Denise:  University of Michigan ADVANCE: Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence

Focus Session #3: LGBTQIQ+ Equity

Hicks, Janice:  Creating a Welcoming Environment for LGBT Scientists and Engineers (with associated handout)
Bannochie, Christopher:  Preparing Students for Life After Graduate School: GLBT Scientists and Engineers Outside of Academe
Patridge, Eric:  Factors Impacting the Academic Climate for LGBQ STEM Faculty

Focus Session #4: Creating an Inclusive Culture

Conway, Ted:  AMERICA'S GOT STEM TALENT: Should We Include Persons with Disabilities?
Cech, Erin:  Professional Cultures and Inequality in Science
Pettigrew, Roderic:  Diversity in the U.S. Biomedical Workforce
(presentation unavailable)

Closing Keynote Address

Crim, Fleming:  Diversity at the Forefront of Science: One View from NSF