Recommendations For Action 2019

ToDo List from NDEW 2019

  •   NDEW 2019 Recommendations for Departmental Actions  NDEW 2019 Recommendations for chairs     
  1. Promote awareness of the personal and professional impact of gender harassment in addition
    to sexual harassment.
  2. Promote bystander awareness and intervention for all types of harassment and incivility
  3. Promote the need for intentionality in managing diversity & inclusion
    • Constructed and approved broadly by the entire department – includes faculty, staff, PhDs
      and Graduate students.
    • Should be used as an instrument to guide future transactions and policies
  4. Conduct a faculty meeting on diversity excellence; include discussion for the business case for diversity
  5. Use survey instruments as a tool to learn about climate, and improve it. Assess regularly on a fixed
    cycle e.g., once every 2 or 3 years (expanded from 2015, recommendation 8).