Social & Chemical Science Diversity Equity Symposium

The Social and Chemical Science Diversity Equity Symposium is a one-day event, which will be held during the Fall 2016 ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. The OXIDE led event is co-sponsored by CMA, CHED & PROF. We have invite researchers from the physical sciences, social science, psychology and management sectors to discuss research and efforts towards improving diversity equity within the field of Chemistry. The symposium is open to all ACS meeting participants.

Speakers Presenting:
Session I (1:15 - 2:35 pm)
Session II (2:50 - 4:10 pm)
Nicole Sampson
William Tollman
Srikant Iyer
Sara Prince
Sandra Laursen
Michelle Francl
Karen Fleming
Karl Booksh

ACS 2016 Symposium Logistics

Symposium Date: April 22, 2016
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Room TBA
Program Area: Committee of Minority Affairs (CMA)
Co-Sponsers: PROF & CHED
Session Info: Two sessions, 80 minutes each with a 15 minute break

If you have any questions regarding the Social and Chemical Science Diversity Equity Symposium
or OXIDE, please contact: 

Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez, Symposium OrganizerOXIDE Director 
Dr. Dontarie Stallings, Symposium OrganizerOXIDE Research and Program Manager
Dr. Srikant Iyer, Symposium OrganizerOXIDE Assistant Research and Program Manager