Recommendations For Action 2017

ToDo List from NDEW 2017

  •   NDEW 2017 Recommendations Departmental Actions and DAPs  NDEW 2017 Recommendations for chairs     
  1. Create a department diversity committee
    • Broadly reflective of your faculty’s perspectives (e.g., include straight, able-bodied white male faculty)
    • Don’t overburden URG (under-represented groups) faculty
    • Establish deliverables to measure the committee’s success
  2. Develop a department Diversity Statement and Vision; Post it on departmental website
  3. Create mentoring programs (vertical and horizontal) for students and faculty
  4. Conduct a faculty meeting on diversity excellence; include discussion for the business case for diversity
  5. Conduct faculty searches in broad areas
  6. Conduct weekly/monthly lunch with faculty to discuss departmental climate (generate a diversity counter space)
  7. Encourage/support affinity groups (WIC, SACNAS, NOBCChE, etc) through active participation of chair and faculty 
  8. Conduct a departmental survey on environment and seek actionable options (partner with OXIDE)
  9. Implement a policy/program targeted to address climate and/or demographics
    • Partner with OXIDE to assess it!
  10. Promote the Academic Case for Diversity
  11. Develop department’s Diversity Action Plan (& embed in your strategic plan) 
    • With accountability, and visited yearly (just like your strategy plan)
    • Publish executive summary on department web site (embed in your mission statement)
  12. Establish a collective reward system as part of individual annual reviews which provides reporting explicitly on mentoring and inclusive excellence activities, as well as service that advances and promotes diversity
  13. Promote inclusive climate through work flexibility & sanity (e.g., reward outcomes not amount of time served)
  14. Implement transparency/clarity in retention-promotion-tenure (RPT) process: 
    • More structure is better
    • Require all faculty to include impact —e.g., teaching and broadening— statements
  15. In addition to diversity workshops, hold civility awareness workshop