VDEW 2021

VDEW is a one-day event and is an effort led by OXIDE.  Our aim is to create a opportunity for departments to gain understanding and proficiency in the following ares; (i) the value proposition(s) for advancing diversity equity; (ii) factors that create safe and inclusive environments; (iii) he difference and importance of transactional solutions vs. policy solutions as it pertains to managing diversity equity and inclusion; (iv) actors for administering recruitment, mentoring, tenure and promotion processes that advance inclusive excellence; (v) evidenced-based strategies for addressing known barriers within a department so as to reduce existing diversity inequities; and (vi) supporting and communicating inclusive excellence. The majority of the participants are chairs and chair representatives from Chemistry departments throughout the country. Information about previous VDEWs and related workshops, including reports and presentation slides, can be found on the workshop page.

Topic II
Topic II
Topic III
Topic IV 
Topic V 
Value proposition(s) for advancing diversity equity
Factors that create safe and inclusive environments 
The difference & importance of Transactional Solutions vs. Policy Solutions as it pertains to diversity, equity, & inclusion
Factors for administering the advancement of Inclusive Excellence: Recruitment, Mentoring, Promotion & Tenure
Evidence-based strategies for addressing known barriers within departments

Workshop dates: April 27th, 2021 (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm) 
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Location: Virtually hosted on the Zoom platform
VDEW 2021 Program

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding VDEW 2021 or OXIDE, please contact: 

Prof. Rigoberto HernandezVDEW 2021 Chair & OXIDE Director 
Prof. Dontarie StallingsVDEW 2021 Co-Chair & OXIDE Associate Director