OXIDE conducts workshops with the aim of reducing inequities that have historically led to disproportionate diversity representation on academic chemistry faculties by helping to change the infrastructure from the top down. As such, the majority of workshop participants are chairs or thought leaders of the leading research-active chemistry departments and experts from the social and behavioral sciences. Working together, we hope to be able to identify issues that can be addressed by department-wide initiatives, to design such initiatives, to assess their efficacy, and to share these effective practices among the chairs.

National Diversity Equity Workshops

NDEW 2024, To be held on April 9-10 2024 in Chevy Chase, MD
NDEW 2022, Held August 1-2, 2022 in Alexandria, VA
NDEW-CHE, To be held on June 27-28, 2022 in Baltimore, MD
VDEW 2021, Held April, 2021 Remotely
NDEW 2019, Held April 8-9, 2019 in Alexandria, VA
NDEW 2017, Held April 2017 in Arlington, VA
NDEW 2015, Held April 2015 in Arlington, VA
NDEW 2013, Held April 2013 in Arlington, VA
NDEW 2011, Held January 2011 in Arlington, VA

OXIDE Symposiums

Social & Chemical Science Diversity Equity SymposiumHeld August 2016 in Philadelphia, PA

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