NDEW 2015 Presentations (by title)

Opening Session

Rigoberto Hernandez:  Welcome Remarks
Kimberly Schurmeier:  Recap Diversity Primer
Dontarie Stallings:  Breakout Charge

Focus Session #1: Bias, Barriers & Inequality

Arturo Casadevall:  Improving Gender Equity at Scientific Meetings 
Amy Graves:  To Render the Extraordinary, Ordinary: Acknowledging Bias and Barriers
Frank Dobbin:  Diversity Management in Corporate America: Toward an Evidence-Based Approach

Focus Session #2: Intersectionality: Women of Color

Maria (Mia) Ong:  Be the Difference: Institutional Strategies for Promoting the success of Women of Color in STEM
Malika Jeffries-EL:  Double and Different: Women Chemist of Color
Sara Prince:  Diversity Matters

Focus Session #3: Future Faculty

Sandra Laursen:  Getting to Lake Wobegon
Megan Grunert:  Understanding Women Chemists' Career Decisions
Richard McGee:  Mitigating the Very Real Challenges of Being 'Different' as a Young Scientist: Key Roles of Mentoring, Coaching and Department Chairs

Focus Session #4: Implementations & Solutions

Cyndi Rowland:  Implementation & Solutions: Making Online Content Accessible to All
Erin Cech:  Professional Cultures and Inequality in STEM
Charles Ebersole:  Mind Bugs: The Ordinary Origins of Bias

Keynote Addresses

Gregory Robinson
Kei Koizumi

Closing Session

David Giedroc:  Sample Presentation & 2015 Diversity Catalyst Lecture
Rigoberto Hernandez:  Closing Summary