Dr. Srikant Iyer

OXIDE Research Scientist 


Brief Biography 
  • Srikant grew up in New Delhi, India. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in India in 2005. He came to the US and completed his Masters in Chemistry at University of North Carolina, Charlotte in 2007 and finished his PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University in 2013. Srikant worked at Georgia Tech as a post-doctoral fellow prior to joining OXIDE as a Research Scientist. Srikant’s scientific background and communication skills offered a good blend towards transitioning to science policy and making an impact in the field of science.   
Science Policy
  • As a part of the OXIDE team, Srikant is involved in conducting workshops designed to facilitate a better understanding of biases and barriers faced by underrepresented groups within the chemistry field. The workshop is designed to generate policies to improve the availability pool of under-represented scientists with respect to hiring, retention and promotion in chemistry field. This initiative is carried out by collaborating with social scientists, industry scientists and research scientists. He is also involved in collecting demographic information for chemistry departments at a national scale. 

    The grand challenge of addressing diversity at the academic level requires acceptance and use of qualitative information with quantitative information to systematically develop solutions in the form of policies that consider excellence, merit and the global competitiveness of individuals. Srikant's role revolves around generating policies and tools that empowers faculty to develop an environment that nurtures excellence in science and improve diversity.
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Feel free to contact me via email: Dr. Srikant Iyer, Department of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University